Therapeutic Music Associates of Florida appreciate the opportunity to learn from and model the impactful services our North Carolina colleagues are providing to improve the lives of nursing home residents. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to develop the Healing Harmonies program with input and guidance from Julie Rehder, CMP. With Julie’s leadership, Therapeutic Musicians of Coastal Carolina, LLC has been awarded a three year grant by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to bring therapeutic music to ten skilled nursing homes in North Carolina.

Julie Rehder, Grant Administrator, addresses staff of the nursing homes that the program will serve. She explains how the program will be implemented, including coordination with nursing home administration and resident and family councils. She discusses the purpose of the program, the process, referrals to patients/residents, resident forms, program evaluation, and logistics.

David Keys shares a beautiful story about a patient’s reaction to his therapeutic music. David is a musician with the Therapeutic Music Assoiciates of Coastal Carolina.
Julie explains: “Therapeutic musicians may play songs like the Lea Rig to help patients lock in to a steady heart rate. As described in this video this song has a 4/4 rhythm which when played at pace similar to a resting heart rate can help calm or steady the person receiving the music. It is also very calming for the musician playing the music. This song snippet is just a short example of what you might hear from the musicians in this project.
Wendy, plays a relaxing melody to facilitate sleep and relaxation. Wendy is one of the musicians playing in skilled nursing facilities with Therapeutic Musicians of Coastal Carolina.